The Kennels

We have purpose built kennels all of which are centrally heated and have an indoor sleeping area with a comfy bed and an outside run which they have access to all day, we don't mix the dogs here they all have there own space.  

We stock most of the popular foods such as James Wellbeloved, Pedigree, Eukanuba Etc. We have Complete Dry Foods and Wet Meats, we can serve raw feeds but this must be supplied. We are flexible with our feeding regime and some dogs are on 1 meal whilst others are on 3, we are also able to administer medications.

All dogs are walked once a day which is included in the price and we can offer extended/additional walks for a small fee. 

All dogs must be fully vaccinated with their annual booster and the Kennel Cough Vaccination, all dogs are covered automatically with insurance.

Bookings should be made well in advance for school holidays, all new customers are required to view the kennels in advance of a booking and dogs must do a taster day, please see below for more booking information, we do not accept dogs under 5 months or over 12 years unless they have previously visited us.

Please contact us on 01483 572588 for more information or to arrange a viewing.

We have CCTV covering the entire property and staff are on site and on duty 24 hours. 


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